Taste of SLO Food Tour

Take the Taste of SLO Food Tour to walk, taste, and sip your way through downtown.

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Good Food, Good Mood

Tour w/ Alcohol: $89.00
Tour w/ Non Alcoholic Drinks: $89.00

Downtown Tours are approximately 3 hours long and are offered on Saturday afternoons. Uptown Mojo Tours are approximately 3 hours long and are offered on Friday & Saturday evenings.

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Welcome to Taste of SLO, the Walking Food Tour! Do you like tasting REALLY delicious food? Do you like FUN? Take a walk with us! Tours include generous food tastings and refreshments, alcoholic or non; at all destinations.

All Taste of SLO tour destinations were chosen with a “SLO attitude” in mind. San Luis Obispo is a city that nourishes small business. Our tour destinations capture the heart and soul of local entrepreneurs. Learn about SLO culture, economics and history on our walking tour while enjoying bites and drinks.

Young people to well-seasoned people, little humans in strollers, vegetarians, are all welcome here!

Taste of SLO Food Tour


Angee Johnson – Creator & Tour Guide

A Taste of SLO is the creation of Angee Johnson. Angee is a Minnesota native who has lived on the central coast for several years. While completing her bachelors degree in marketing in the midwest, Angee worked in numerous restaurants and bars. Angee knows hospitality and service, not to mention, she can craft a fabulous cocktail!

Victoria – Tour Guide

Victoria is a bright ray of light on Taste of SLO tours. Guests love Victoria’s warmth and enthusiasm for San Luis Obispo. Victoria is a yoga instructor by day, and a full time mother to three amazing teenagers. She loves her wonderful partner Al, maintaining an ayurvedic lifestyle and eating out with tour guide Angee (someone’s gotta do market research!). Victoria hopes to tour with you soon!