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Biplane Rides - Say What?

Quirky Central Coast Adventure

Here’s a fun one you don’t think of everyday, biplane rides! I know, when thinking of things to do on the Central Coast not the first thought, but hey it may be the best tour adventure.

Fly Back In Time
Get a birds eye view of Pismo Beach, California while sitting in an open cockpit of a 1942 WW2 Boeing Stearman.

Pismo Beach Tours - Central Coast Biplane Rides

Their Background
Banner Airways has been operating out of Oceano County Airport for the past 30 years. “That yellow biplane” has become a familiar piece of Pismo Beach as it takes its passengers for sightseeing tours and/or thrill rides along the coast. New Owners, Jorden & Kandis Hevle, plan on keeping that special piece of Pismo Beach around for many years to come. Jorden (Co-Owner & Pilot) comes from a line of pilots. His grandfather, Ron Hevle, started his career as a pilot by crop dusting fields in a Stearman. He went on to win unlimited gold in the Reno Air Races. Jordens’ grandfather and father, Eric Hevle, taught him how to fly at an early age in a Piper Cub and later trained him in an AT-6 Texan and Stearman. Jorden loves what he does and is determined to give his passengers a wonderful experience.