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Thank you for visiting Love of the Central Coast, enjoy our video documenting the economic impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on San Luis Obispo, California.

OUr hearts are with you

The Love of Team is working hard to help expedite bringing local small businesses online to help offset the financial impacts most of us are feeling.

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Essential Downtown SLO

Join Rob Wickens founder of as he introduces you to what is often ranked the “Happiest City in America”. This Essentials tour will share tidbits that even locals rarely learn or stumble across.

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Custom Gifts For Cold Drinks

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Koozies are a fun and affordable gift that you can give to all your friends and family.    *no minimums, pow!

SLO Story: The pictured koozies are a 50th birthday gift making a stop in Mission Plaza cradling a couple of local Firestone Brewery favorites before the concert opens.

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